Working Out Loud

Working Out Loud is a fundamental shift in how organisations communicate internally, with associates encouraged to openly narrate their work on internal wikis, blogs and other social technology specific to the work that they undertake. This allows for greater transparency and collective awareness by clearly surfacing progress, bottlenecks and blockers as well as individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of Working Out Loud is twofold: to improve contextual awareness and enable collaboration between associates. Consequently, working out loud can help lay the foundation for an organisation with a stronger connective tissue.

Internal Groundswell

Internal Groundswell is a set of tactics that leaders can use when interacting on enterprise social networks (ESNs). Far to often leaders use ESNs as megaphones to push one-way communications about things that have already happened, rather than to consult on what should happen, which gives little opportunity for employees to share their own insights and ideas. Consequently this behaviour reinforce the existing corporate mindset rather than leveraging social technology to humanise the workforce. Internal Groundswell lays out 5 guiding principles that help leaders engage with associates in a genuine way, which can spark improvements to corporate culture.

Theory U

Theory U is a method used to enable leadership to let go of the past in order to connect with and learn from emerging future possibilities. Theory U stands out from existing learning methodologies which rely on learning from the past. Most real leadership challenges today need leaders to adopt new behaviours such as working out loud and to reconfigure their decision system in order to capitalise on emerging business opportunities. Theory U provides leaders with a framework to analyse their own mental model by reviewing their own way of thinking and redirecting it towards new behaviours and assumptions.