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Culture code decks are a tactic for communicating the current or envisioned corporate culture explicitly in a deck both internally and externally.


Culture decks can be a great tool for building a narrative around values and guiding principles to employees, but are also used for marketing purposes and attracting the right talent.


Overall, culture code decks differ from traditional communication about company culture by relating overall values to specific behaviour and practices in the organisation. Netflix was the first company to share their Culture Code Deck, which at the time of writing has +11M views (see the case stories below for more examples).

To create a culture code deck organisations must decide on the most core values and find examples where the values in the daily routine. For example a Guiding Principle might be “we embody Work Out Loud” while the culture deck explains how work is executed on a wiki and communication happens in open slack channels.

Four simple steps to develop a culture deck:

  • Ask and asses which core values are defining for the company and important for future performance.
  • Describe the core values in a way that explains them to outsiders and also include what potentially negative consequences that might have.
  • Show how the core values play out in the daily routine in the company and communicate it in visual and compelling language.
  • Update the culture code deck as the company grows, changes direction or deals with specific challenges.






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