Everyone in the organisation.


Method or process for systematically and continuously governing an organisation. It is one of the two meeting processes prescribed by the Holacracy Constitution.


In Holacracy, it is a key priority to continuously work on the organisational structure and allocation of work to ensure that the organisation is optimised for the challenges and opportunities it is currently facing. The idea is that it is more beneficial to continuously modify the organisation rather than restructuring the whole organisation once and a while.


The governance meeting is a technique for reviewing how tasks and responsibility could be reallocated to better meet current challenges and opportunities. Every team (Circle) runs its own governance meetings with the focus of modifying the modify the structure of the team (circle). During a governance meeting teams can:

  • Create, remove, or modify the Roles of the team (Circle);
  • Create, remove, or modify the Policies of the team (Circle);
  • Elect people to the elected core roles of the team (Circle), which in the case of Holacracy compromise: Facilitator, Secretary, and Rep Link.

One important distinction is that a role in Holacracy is a group of tasks and does not correspond to a job. Hence, when creating or removing roles, the team in terms of people involved might stay the same, but it is made explicit how the team’s tasks and focus have changed.


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