All employees can be involved, but the method needs to be promoted by managers.


A method for creating peer-to-peer coaching between a group that shares a reporting line.


In many organisations, groups that share reporting lines rely on building personal relationships before they seek advice from each other. Managers can support their reports by creating a peer-to-peer network between them, which is a vital trigger for organisational performance.


The meeting should start with a quick check-in sharing on the status of projects. But instead of going into depth with the statuses, reports should be sent in advance and the meeting should focus on surfacing blockers and seeking ideas for removing any blockers that the group is facing. The purpose of the exercise is to nudge people who share a reporting line to start seeing each other as peers and sources for advice.

  • Use the reports that are sent in advance to decide on the week’s blockers. 
  • People who face a blocker should prepare and distribute a one-page on the topic with specific questions for the group, which people can reflect on beforehand.   
  • After the check-in the group should break into smaller groups and debate a topic. 
  • The point is not to take decision-making away from the person facing the blocker, be create a space for the individual to seek advice and help. 


Use your staff meeting for peer-to-peer coaching by Keith Ferrazzi